Using Your Phone for Discounts and Payments

It's very simple to use QR code coupon discounts in stores since QR codes are scannable from anywhere, meaning you can scan them from a piece of paper, from a computer screen, from a picture of a QR code, or from  a cell phone screen. So you can simply bring up a QR code that you found online or a picture of one on your phone, and bring it to the register of the store you are going to use it at.  The scanner at the register can scan the image of the QR code from your phone, and you'll get the discount at the register without having to carry around coupons or worry about printing them out. This is far more convenient then having to worry about printing off coupons. I think coupons that you get in the paper or in the mail are going to start having mini QR codes on them, so instead of having to carry around a huge envelope full, you can scan them all into your phone, and find them easily when you need to use them.

Near field communication, which is similar to QR codes, but is a type of data exchange when two devices are brought within a close distance of one another, usually less than a few centimeters. More devices are beginning to be made with NFC chips which allow this technology to work. One of ways that NFC can be used is to store credit card information or debit card information. So when you are in a store and want to make a purchase, instead of using a credit card, you can just use your phone. All you have to have done is put your credit card information into your phone, I'm assuming like as you would when you make an online purchase. Then with your NFC capable phone, you can just wave your phone in front of a credit card reader and the near field communication will occur, and the data from your phone will be transferred. It's similar to the pay pass technology that some credit cards had, but instead your phone will be your credit card. Technology is making it much easier to save money and shop.

Soon we will not even need to carry our wallets, just our phones. There are apps to save rewards cards information, so that eliminates half the cards in my wallet immediately. Now with QR codes and email access on my smart phone, I don't need to carry around print coupons. I can just pull them up on my phone screen and have the screen scanned at the register. And now that NFC is starting to emerge into the picture, people will no longer need to carry their credit cards. Soon if you lose your phone, you'll be in majorly big trouble, since you won't just be losing a device to call people. You'll be losing everything you need to make purchases.

What is a QR Code?

QR (quick response) codes were invented to be scanned and decoded very quickly. I've only first seen them showing up mid-2011, but they've actually been around for much longer.
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How to make a QR Code?

It's so easy to make your own QR code. All you need to do is find a free QR code generator, enter some information, and click create, and your own QR codes will be available in seconds.
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Scanning QR Codes

All you need to scan QR codes is a smart phone (internet capable phone). If you already have one of these phones, simply download an app that can read these codes.
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