The following is a list of links that I compiled to help you learn more about all the aspects of QR coding as well as some fun and interesting things I found relating to QR codes.

Explaining QR Codes: The state of Indiana's Tourism Tech Center put together this article explaining QR codes. It gives examples of where QR codes can be found and how they can be used.

Connecting QR Codes with Consumers: This PDF file gives a lengthy, twenty-two page breakdown on QR codes. This focuses more on the marketing aspect of QR codes and how they can help small businesses.

QRapping Paper: This is a great idea for the holidays! This wrapping paper is covered in QR codes, which when scanned play different holiday videos. There are fifty different scannable videos on this interactive wrapping paper.

NASA's QR Astronomy Picture of the Day: Did you know that QR codes have very similar elements as codes that were used in some famous attempt to contact alien life forms? NASA used this QR code to replace their normal astronomy picture of the day. Instead of just viewing it on the site, viewers had to use their cell phones to interactively view the picture.   

What is a QR Code?: George Washington University's health sciences library defines QR codes, talks about their history, how these codes are being used, and shows where you can go to make your own.

7 Things You Should Know About QR Codes: A lot of people are still very unaware that QR codes exist. This list explains seven important things about QR codes that everyone should know including information on how this technology is going to change shopping as well as the pedagogy of education.

QR Codes for Shopping, Discounts, and More: This article from Tech News Daily discusses how QR codes can be used

Fifteen Creative and Crazy Cool QR Code Designs:This page has fifteen different pictures of unique QR  code designs. You can scan them all and see where they take you.

Print Your Own QR Code Stickers: Here you can print your own QR code stickers for free. You can generate your own customized code and then print it out on sticker paper and stick them anywhere.

First QR Code Tattooed on a Man's Chest: This video shows a man getting the first ever QR code tattoo. If the tattoo artist is off even by just a little bit, the code will not scan. Check out the video which shows the end product and what happens when the QR code tattoo is scanned.

Seventeen QR Code Readers: You can type in the type of phone you have at the top of this webpage and it will tell you which of the following seventeen readers is compatible with the phone. 

CSI: New York - QR Code Episode: This is the summary of an episode of CSI:New York called “Dead Inside.” QR codes make an appearance in this episode and even help to solve the crime by placing the criminal at the scene of the crime. You can find clips of this episode on YouTube.

What is a QR Code?

QR (quick response) codes were invented to be scanned and decoded very quickly. I've only first seen them showing up mid-2011, but they've actually been around for much longer.
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How to make a QR Code?

It's so easy to make your own QR code. All you need to do is find a free QR code generator, enter some information, and click create, and your own QR codes will be available in seconds.
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Scanning QR Codes

All you need to scan QR codes is a smart phone (internet capable phone). If you already have one of these phones, simply download an app that can read these codes.
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