About This Site

Why did I decide to create this site?

I first decided to make this site when I was talking to some of my girlfriends over the summer. I mentioned QR codes and none of them seemed to know about them. I showed them a piece of my mail that had a QR code on it, and as soon as they saw it they knew what I was talking about. I really just wanted to get out a woman's perspective on QR codes. I had helped my cousin create her own website the previous summer and I used to work on the library website where I used to work, so I knew it was something that was easily doable.

Making the site

Making this site took a lot of researching. I missed helping others research at the library so this kind of filled the void so to speak. I didn't realize how widespread that these codes had gotten and discovered so much more than I had expected to learn. I had expected researching to be somewhat difficult, but there is already a bunch of other websites out there helping to spread the word about QR codes. I've provided some on the links page of the site as well as a few throughout the site to guide you to specialized topics concerning QR codes.

Who am I trying to help?

My aim with this site is to help anyone interested in learning more about QR codes. I was originally mostly interested in the coupon aspect of the codes, but while doing more research, I found the education aspect of the codes even more interesting. I hope that my broad overview that touches a little on marketing, a little on education, and a lot on the main basics of QR codes, will be a good starting point for anyone to branch off in their own direction of learning more about these codes.

What is a QR Code?

QR (quick response) codes were invented to be scanned and decoded very quickly. I've only first seen them showing up mid-2011, but they've actually been around for much longer.
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How to make a QR Code?

It's so easy to make your own QR code. All you need to do is find a free QR code generator, enter some information, and click create, and your own QR codes will be available in seconds.
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Scanning QR Codes

All you need to scan QR codes is a smart phone (internet capable phone). If you already have one of these phones, simply download an app that can read these codes.
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